How To Blow Glass


Blowing glass is a really fun thing to do. However, for beginners it can get confusing. Here is a step by step guide on how to blow glass.

  • The first step in blowing glass is to place the glass into the furnace. Then you take a blowpipe and get the glass out of the furnace. Make sure that the glass is around 2025 Fahrenheit before you take it out of the furnace.
  • The next step in blowing glass is to shape it into what you want to make. You can shape your glass by using a Marver. You want to roll it on the table so that it turns into a cylinder. If your glass is too thick then you might want to put it back into the furnace.
  • After shaping the glass you want to start blowing. Use the pipe to do this. Once you blow into the pipe you want to trap the air inside by placing your thumb on the pipe so it blocks the hole at the end. This will force the glass to get a bubble.
  • After you get your bubble then you will want to get more glass out of the furnace. Then you want to take it back over to the Marver and start to shape it even further. You will want someone else to blow into the pipe while you do this. The bubbles that are made should be making their way down the pope.
  • Then once you get the shape you desire you want to cut the piece. While you do this you should be turning your pipe. Then transfer your glass to a Punty. Then you want to dip your pipe into water to cool it off.
  • Lastly, you want to take the piece off the pipe. You should gently hit the bottom of the piece near the pipe to dislodge it. Then you want to trim the sides of your glass piece. After you do this then you want to put it in a cooling oven.