Materials Needed For Glass Blowing


Glass blowing is an exciting hobby that many people really love. It is extremely fun to make your own things with glass. However, there are several different things that you need in order to get started doing this wonderful hobby. Here are some of the common items you should get in order to glass blow properly.

One thing you will need for glass blowing is a high quality furnace. This is called a Gloryhole and they are typically round so that you can place the round piece of glass inside to heat it up. The glass you are blowing needs to be hot in order to make it into the shape you want.

Another item you need are glasses. You want to make sure that you are protecting your eyes when you glass blow. You can find these at most mass retail stores.

A yoke is another must have when you are blowing glass. This is something that holds the pipe that you blow through. This is used when you are heating up the glass in the furnace.

A blow pipe is something that is important for blowing glass. This makes the glass bigger and helps you blow the glass. This is also used to turn your project as you are working on the glass.

Jacks are used to shape the glass into the shape you want it to be. You can use them to sculpt the glass you are working with. You can use the back of these to make things flat.

Paddles are another tool that is used in glass blowing. The best type of paddle to use for glass blowing are wooden ones. This is because they can be placed in water to help cool the piece you are working on. These are used to flatten the glass. They can also be used to smooth out parts of the glass.

Torches are used to make small glass projects. For example they are used to make marbles and beads. They can also be used to heat up larger projects before putting them into the big furnace.

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Glass blowing is an exciting hobby to start. However, you do need many different tools in order to properly make things out of glass. All of these items can be found individually or in glass blowing kits. By getting everything on this list you will have everything you need in order to properly blow glass.